Creating Diversity with Talent, Training, and Thought Leadership

Creating Diversity with Talent, Training, and Thought Leadership

Erika Maita – Tech Enthusiast and HR Business Consultant

Creating Diversity with Talent, Training, and Thought Leadership


Creating Diversity with Talent, Training, and Thought Leadership: There is no doubt that Indiana has some of the most talented tech professionals in the country, hence it being referred to as “the Silicon Prairie.” The Indy Tech market is on the map nationally and has the attention of venture capitalists around the world. Funding has increased year-over-year, with over $80 million invested in Q4 of 2017 alone.

Mark Muro of the Brookings Institute stated, “Indiana is delivering some of the most bottoms up, regional economic development in high-value industries like tech”. In other words, Indiana is creating organic jobs and revenue without the help of tech giants; we are creating a disruption in the industry nationally.

Indiana should be very proud of this! However, Muro also believes there are still some challenges we face against the larger, more established, and heavily funded tech communities, the biggest being “…attract[ing] high quality and skilled engineers.”

The current job market is robust; competition is high for talent, and retaining employees is a priority for most companies today. Top-talent will always be in demand and it’s in your best interest to treat hiring as a year-round critical business process.

What are some low-cost, high impact options that you can implement to retain talent? Try offering weekend “staycation” deals for top performers, support training, and development internally, and allow flexible working arrangements.

Creating Diversity with Talent, Training, and Thought LeadershipCreating Diversity with Talent, Training, and Thought Leadership


Creating Diversity with Talent, Training, and Thought Leadership

These changes are easier to say that they are to implement, which is why TriNet started almost 30 years ago in Silicon Valley. Having seen everything from the dot-com boom and burst, to the current state of the Valley, our mission is to participate in the growth of Indiana’s “Silicon Prairie” and ensure it is compliant, attractive, and profitable.

Indiana’s first unicorn is out there right now, the only question is: will it be you?

TriNet gives our customers the ability to attract and retain top talent by creating employee packages typically reserved for the Fortune 500’s. TriNet’s offering goes beyond exceptional health and retirement services and includes life insurance, auto and home policies, and commuter benefits. Did we mention our marketplace where your employees can get exclusive discounts on travel, electronics, activities, and lifestyle products? All things millennials are now thinking of when looking for career placement and security.


Diversity is a topic we hear and read about daily. Whether it’s mentioned in the workplace, news, or social media, it’s a prevalent topic dominating the workplace and the rapidly growing Indiana tech scene. Do we truly know what it means, how to obtain it, and how to use it to create profitability?

The key to an employer creating a diverse team in any environment boils down to three factors: Talent, Training, and Thought Leadership.


Creating Diversity with Talent, Training, and Thought LeadershipErika Maita has a passion for people, company culture, and innovative technology. She joined TriNet to ensure the Indiana Technology Ecosystem can focus on product development, sustainability, and national market penetration. TriNet provides their customers with an outsourced HR infrastructure consisting of payroll, medical, and retirement benefits while ensuring full compliance and minimal risk at a state and federal perspective. She can be reached at (317)526-8302 or Erika.Maita@TriNet.Com

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